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Build a handmade wooden multi layer laminate propeller with acurate templates creates with 3D Cad software.

Build a hand made propeller.
Build a handmade propeller with the classic method of cross sectional templates is possible but it need some experience to get good results, I propose a slightly diferent method, the method is to design a very acurate templates (with 3D-CAD software),  then cut carefully the boards with this templates and glue it into acurate position. In this way you only have to remove minimal material.

In this way it is possible to carve very acurate shape very close to CNC work.

Before start with the wood-work.
Starting from our Rhinoceros 3D design it is divided in several boards with adecuate thickness. In this case thickness of each board is 19 mm.


The result of our work will be something like this:

Building the propeller step by step.

1. Print the templates. The fisrt step is to print full scale templates, the complete sheet measure 900mm x 2650mm. The best option is to find a local plotting service, it is very cheap, I have paid 7 € for this sheet printing.

2 Cut the templates with the scissors.

3 Transfer the templates over the wood with a marker.  In adition to cross section outline it must be also maked a positioners holes. This method to buils a propeller is based in a acurate templates, but it is very important to glue each wood lamina in its exact position.

4 Gluing the wood laminas, It is dificult to keep the boards in its correct position when you press the sandwich. A small pieces of wood inserted into positioning holes is very eficiente method.

5 To give correct shape we are going to use a electric hand planer. This machine is inexpensive and it seems ideal for this aplication. Before start we goint to mark the surfaces to not to remove any material. we mark the front side and behind side with the paper templates.

Tools used in this process are electric planer and angular grinder with multisheet sander disc number 40 or more rough.

Both machines can remove a lot of wood in a short time, planer is used for convex surfaces and angular grinder is suitable for concave surfaces near to root.



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