UPV/nMine UAV extension board for OLIMEX LPC-E2468

This board is the second design of our uav project, first one is based on OLIMEX LPC-H2294, we are moved to Olimex LPC-E2468 because this small board have very interesting hardware and peripherals for UAV applications (Ethernet, 2xCAN, 4xUARTs, USB HOST and more)

IMU details:

This board try to contain all necessary sensor, communications ports, analog inputs... for any medium responsibility UAV. It is not lightest solution but it have a lot of more hardware options and peripherals than other well known and very expensive uav controllers.


4 Layer board with ground plane for high noise immunity I/O Connectors:

8 x Servos - Standard pitch 2.54mm
4 x speed input (for sensors, motor RPM, or PPM capture)
2 x CAN BUS with transceivers  - Header 2.54mm
2 x Analog Inputs for general propose 0-5v (for sonar altimeter for example)
2 x UARTs (3.3v level) for GPS and MaxStream XBEE-Pro 60mW radiolink

Onboard sensors options:

Accelerometers (two options):


Compass (two options):


Features from Olimex LPC-E2468 development board:

  • MCU: LPC2468, 16MB SDRAM (more is possible if necessary), 128 MB Flash, standard JTAG connector for debugging with ARM-JTAG

  • Ethernet 100MBit

  • 2x USB hosts

  • USB-to-RS232 converter device connected to LPC2468 UART

  • SD/MMC card connector

  • UEXT connector with I2C, SPI, RS232

  • RESET Button, two USER button

  • Dimensions: 90x60mm (3.54 x 2.36")

PCB and assembly information:

Special thanks to DISCA Departament of Universidad Politecnica de Valencia  


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